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At Greco we work with European and Asian manufacturers to provide a wide range of machine-tool solutions.

Working with manufacturers such as Alzmetall, Axa, Hwacheon, Johnford, Proth, MTE and ZMM Sliven, we are confident that we can meet all the manufacturing needs of our customers.

All the manufacturers with which we work are renowned for their quality, precision and innovation, we can offer the very latest solutions to manufacturing industry in Spain and Portugal.






Alzmetall Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik und Gießerei Friedrich GmbH & Co. KG is a company founded in 1945 which is a market leader in casting, drilling and milling technologies.

Alzmetall"s know-how has resulted in a total of over 198,000 machines supplied worldwide, focusing on users who require precision, performance and quality. Alzmetall is one of the few machinery manufacturers to have its own foundry, which produces around 6000 t per annum.

It produces grey and nodular cast iron for its own machines and also makes castings for other manufacturers all over the world.

A brief timeline of the manufacturing of machining centres:

1980/84 Initial development of machining centres

1985 Second generation of machining centres, fully automated

1988/90 Development of Abomat 25 centres

1996 Presentation of BAZ 15 CNC centres

2001 Presentation of the GS 800 CNC (5x) centre

2002 Alzmetall wins an award from the Technology Ministry for its GS 800 (5x) machining centre. Designed for multi-task, multi-axis machining

Designed to machine on 5 axes. Its head, five axis drives and table height are optimised for high speed machining on five axes, and it provides the best results on the market.

With a mechanical structure in which the drive systems act on the centre of gravity, minimising vibration during acceleration, and a box-in-box structure for added rigidity throughout the system, it sits firmly on a bed comprised of a single block.

Its heat-symmetrical design makes for maximum stability and lasting precision. Its state-of-the-art components make this an exclusive product.

The unique design of this machine makes it stand out from its competitors and allows rational, economic or production in the long term thanks to its high standard of technology.

This is a superior machine!

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