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At Greco we work with European and Asian manufacturers to provide a wide range of machine-tool solutions.

Working with manufacturers such as Alzmetall, Axa, Hwacheon, Johnford, Proth, MTE and ZMM Sliven, we are confident that we can meet all the manufacturing needs of our customers.

All the manufacturers with which we work are renowned for their quality, precision and innovation, we can offer the very latest solutions to manufacturing industry in Spain and Portugal.

German manufacturing for special solutions and travelling-column centres



Axa Entwickungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH, founded in 1965, is renowned on the European market for the quality of its machines and systems. Flexibility, stability and a clear focus on customer needs are the key factors for success in machinery and engineering solutions. A brief timeline of the manufacturing of machining centres:

1977 The company shifted from special machinery manufacturing to produce its first CNC machining centres.

1982 Development of the first VSC moving-column machining centres and DBZ series 2-operator centres.

1987 Development of the first VHC centres with an integrated B-axis.

2001 Development of a fully controlled B-axis (5x) for machining and five axes.

”Developing and manufacturing new, special solutions has always been our strongest motivation and the basis for our success”. The company develops complete products in-house, from design to machinery perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers.

Manufacturing up to final acceptance. Thanks to its unusually high percentage of in-house manufacturing of major machine parts such as beds, complete fairings, main heads, rotary heads, moving columns, slides, gantries, tool magazines, rotary tables, tailstocks, highly sophisticated clamping tools, etc., the company is able to work closely with customers throughout the process and react to any need for change that may arise.

Short lead times and operation based on three shifts are part of day-to-day life for users of its machines. Mobility, flexibility and quality: that is what customers can expect from AXA.

A highly simplified structure that makes for great reliability, with a design that is flexible but at the same time highly robust, and a watchword for guaranteed performance. A workspace already designed for great rigidity is reinforced by fixed work tables and a static tool magazine, so the only moving part is the moving column. This makes our machines immensely stable and rigid.

From the need to cater for flexible working day-to-day in subcontracting tasks to the need to be able to manufacture runs of workpieces fully automatically. The applications of its machines are as varied as their designs. For tough jobs.

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