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At Greco we work with European and Asian manufacturers to provide a wide range of machine-tool solutions.

Working with manufacturers such as Alzmetall, Axa, Hwacheon, Johnford, Proth, MTE and ZMM Sliven, we are confident that we can meet all the manufacturing needs of our customers.

All the manufacturers with which we work are renowned for their quality, precision and innovation, we can offer the very latest solutions to manufacturing industry in Spain and Portugal.

Innovative technology and flexible adaptation





Development of innovative milling technologies aimed at a flexible, global market.

MTE is an owner-managed company that handles highly customised projects. The company takes the time required to get to know you so as to make a machine that suits you perfectly.

Its main plant is in Itziar – Gipuzkoa, half-way between Bilbao and San Sebastián, an area with a strong machine-tool tradition. This region has stood out for decades in the development of various types of high precision machinery, for which it is renowned on the toughest international markets.

MTE designs and manufactures all the main components of its machines, from beds to heads.

All components are cast by local firms (machines are 100% domestic built), and the firm works closely with manufacturers specialising in castings for the domestic and international machine-tool industry. The components obtained are therefore of the highest quality, making for highly stable, highly precise machines.

The whole process from component machining to final assembly takes place at a recently built 6000 m² plant. Added to the broad experience of the workforce and their strong commitment to the firm, this has resulted in 20 years of top quality production and assembly. MTE designs and manufactures all the heads for its machines in a purpose-built, climate controlled 500 m² area.

The blend of conventional mechanical engineering and constant innovation, know-how and commitment on the part of the workforce has made MTE a partner worthy of international renown in large sized moving-column and bed-type milling machines. The company has built more than 1200 machines over its 25 year history, around 700 of which have gone to the highly demanding German market.

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